"I envision a district where both
businesses and families are prosperous . . ."
~ Taryn C. Branson,
State Representative District 68

I envision an education system where:

1) early childhood education is made a priority and fully funded;

2) parents of k-12 students have the option to send their children to a public, private, or charter school which serves the needs of their children; and

3) college students attending either a community college or four-year institution at a Louisiana school that has not been saddled with cuts to higher education, shifting the burden to students and families leaving them to pay higher tuition costs. 


I envision a district where:

1) both businesses and families are prosperous and thriving;

2) where communities and commerce and industry enact collaborative efforts to ensure the success of one another; and

3) families are able to support their loved ones through quality paying jobs found in the district. 


I envision a district where:

1) drainage, sewage, roadways, and bridges are properly maintained helping to protect assets of families and businesses; 

2) streets are made safer for motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike through the use of proper signage and bike lanes within communities and major thoroughfares. 

3) railways and waterways are maintained to ensure safe and secure travel for commerce and industry.


I envision a healthcare system where:

1) maternal mortality is addressed considering it is a burgeoning health crisis for both baby and mother;

2) the specific needs of different-ability individuals and their concerns to increase their independence both in the home and in the workforce are addressed through proper funding. 

3) citizens' health and care are made a priority.


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